Venezuela 🇻🇪
    abril 19, 2024

    Voter registration process in Venezuela left millions of people without their right to vote

    It is estimated that approximately 10 million people, both in Venezuela and abroad, had to…
    Russia 🇷🇺
    marzo 15, 2024

    Sign the petition to ask Russia to #FreeGrigoryMelkonyants

    Today the Presidential Elections are being held in Russia, an electoral process that will not…
    Russia 🇷🇺
    febrero 19, 2024

    Transparencia Electoral urges Latin American election officials not to participate in Russian elections

    Transparencia Electoral urges election authorities and officials, as well as academics and specialists, not to…
    noviembre 21, 2023

    Transparencia Electoral joins call for a United Nations Special Rapporteur on Democracy

    on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 2023…
    Guatemala 🇬🇹
    septiembre 12, 2023

    Transparencia Electoral demands stop to hostilities and pressure on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala

    Since the end of the election day on June 25th, 2023, a series of unprecedented…
    Russia 🇷🇺
    septiembre 7, 2023

    GOLOS: there will be no competition in these local elections in Russia

    On Wednesday, September 6th, Transparencia Electoral and DemoAmlat had a conversation with Stanislav Andreichuk, co-chairman…
    Russia 🇷🇺
    agosto 17, 2023

    Transparencia Electoral and ACSEO reject the arbitrary detention of Grigori Melkoniants, member of a Russian domestic electoral monitor

    Co-chairman of Golos, Grigori Melkoniants was detained today for being part of an organization declared…
    Argentina 🇦🇷
    enero 19, 2023

    Transparencia Electoral energetically rejects the invitation of Alberto Fernandez to dictators Nicolas Maduro, Miguel Diaz Canel, and Daniel Ortega

    President Alberto Fernandez has extended an invitation to his counterparts from Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Cuba’s…
    Argentina 🇦🇷
    enero 17, 2023

    Transparencia Electoral expresses deep concern about the intention to intervene in the Argentine Judiciary

    Transparencia Electoral expresses deep concerns about the intention of the Executive Branch to intervene in…
    diciembre 28, 2022

    Transparencia Electoral expresses concern over marked institutional deterioration in Bolivia

    December 28th, 2022 Transparencia Electoral expresses its concern over the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando…
    Informes de Observación Electoral
    diciembre 6, 2022

    Transparencia Electoral presents Final Report of the Mission for the 2022 US Midterm Elections

    In a webinar held on Friday, December 2nd with Ann M. Ravel, part of the…
    noviembre 14, 2022

    Statement on the Midterm Elections in the County of Los Angeles

    Last week, Transparencia Electoral deployed an Electoral Mission in the United States for the Midterm…
    noviembre 14, 2022

    The Situation of Election Observers as Human Rights Defenders

    On October 27, Mary Lawlor, Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders of…
    Documentos de Interés
    octubre 13, 2022

    Preliminary Report of the Election Observation Mission of Transparencia Electoral and ACSEO for Brazil’s General Election 2022

    In a historic decision, the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE, by its acronym in…
    Informes de Observación Electoral
    agosto 19, 2022

    Transparencia Electoral presents Monitoring of 2022 Brazil Elections

    Transparencia Electoral and ACSEO presented the Monitoring Report for the next General Elections in Brazil…
    agosto 4, 2022

    Transparencia Electoral celebró el webinar sobre la competitividad electoral de la oposición venezolana

    El 2 de agosto Transparencia Electoral y la CAOESTE celebraron un webinar para presentar el…
    agosto 2, 2022

    Recuperación de los derechos políticos de los migrantes a través del voto en línea

    La migración es un factor cada vez más común en América Latina. Según la Organización…
    Transparencia Electoral
    agosto 1, 2022

    Elecciones en Estados Unidos 2022: Transparencia Electoral y la CAOESTE sostuvieron encuentro con presidente de la Comisión de Asistencia Electoral

    El viernes, 29 de julio, Transparencia Electoral y la CAOESTE sostuvieron encuentro con el Presidente…
    julio 27, 2022

    Webinar sobre la competitividad electoral de la oposición venezolana

    ¿Qué explica el pobre desempeño de la oposición venezolana a nivel subnacional pese a su…
    julio 19, 2022

    Transparencia Electoral de América Latina y la CAOESTE piden respeto a la institucionalidad democrática de Brasil

    Como miembro del Observatorio por la Transparencia de las Elecciones (OTE), la Conferencia Americana de…
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