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Transparencia Electoral presents Monitoring of 2022 Brazil Elections

Transparencia Electoral and ACSEO presented the Monitoring Report for the next General Elections in Brazil to be held in October of this year, where the President and Vice President of the Republic and candidates for the National Congress will be elected.

This document aims to provide an overview of the steps that define this election, as well as the important candidates to watch.

Regarding the last presidential elections of October 7th, 2018, the report specifies that these “recorded the highest levels of abstention since 1998, when invalid votes, blank votes and abstentions were counted. Voters who did not show up to vote were concentrated in the Southeast, followed by the Northeast. This is something that could happen again this year.”

The monitoring includes a brief explanation of the operation of the Brazilian political and electoral system, and a review of the most important dates to take into account in the electoral calendar and current electoral regulations.

In addition, for a better understanding of the scenario in which the electoral contest is taking place, it presents material on the intention to vote for the next elections and a list of pre-candidates for the presidency. “The polls so far give the impression that the race remains between Lula and Bolsonaro. Both are received by the voter with strong rejection but despite this, they are well ahead of other possible candidates in the polls. A third way has not yet been consolidated”, it reads.

Transparencia Electoral will launch new electoral monitoring as a way of demonstrating its commitment to advancing good democratic practices and supporting the Brazilian electoral process.

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